Loch Ness Monster ( 1934 ) More reports are coming in from Loch Ness in Scotland where they make the strongest Whisky on earth from tourists and locals of sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. It is described as a sea serpent estimated at over 50 ft long and the secretary of state for Scotland has forbidden the capture or shooting of the creature.

Executive Order 9066
14th January( 1942 ) : A reluctant but resigned Roosevelt signed the War Department’s blanket Executive Order 9066, which authorized the physical removal of all Japanese Americans into internment camps.

Hostage Crisis Ends
14th January( 1981 ) : Finally, this date was the end of a hostage crisis that started in the year 1979. University students who were backed by leaders of Iran’s post-revolutionary regime (group of people in power after Iran was changed from a monarch to an Islamic republic). Originally, over 60 people had been held captive, 52 of which for a total of 444 days.

Marilyn Monroe 14th January( 1954 ) Marilyn Monroe’s wedding took place. She had married Joe DeMaggio. Unfortunately, the marriage had only lasted nine months. She had married again before she had died from an overdose of barbiturates. Her first husband had sent her flowers to her grave every day until he died in the year 1999

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