Johnny Cash Folsom Prison ( 1968 ) Johnny Cash performs live for the second time at Folsom Prison in the prison cafeteria which was recorded as the album Johnny Cash at At Folsom Prison.

Black Friday Bushfires
13th January ( 1939 ) : Bush Fires covering more than 4,942,000 acres in Victoria, Australia destroys more than 1,000 homes and leaves towns entirely destroyed, the bush fires known as ( Black Friday fires ) claims over 70 Lives during what is thought to be the worst natural bush fires (wildfires) in the world

Frisbee 13th January ( 1957 ) Wham-O begins begins production of the Pluto Platters ( Changed Name to "Frisbee" in June 57 ). following the name change sales rocketed as the Frisbee took off as a sport rather than the original marketing as a toy.

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