Land Mines ( 1997 ) Princess Diana angers defense ministers around the world after calling for an immediate international ban on land mines during a visit to Angola. ( The international Ottawa convention on banning landmines came into force on 1st March 1999 but key countries refused to sign, including the United States, Russia and China, making the convention worthless )

15th January ( 1943 ) : The Pentagon headquarters of the Department of Defense was completed after just 16 months construction

1st Super Bowl 15th January ( 1967 ) In the first Super Bowl The Green Bay packers defeat the Kansas City Chiefs in Los Angeles

Hill Street Blues 15th January ( 1981 ) The television cop drama Hill Street Blues had aired on this day. This show was set in an unnamed city, although the outsides of the set were filmed in Chicago. This television series has been described as the first real attempt to portray police officers as fallible human beings. Unlike other cop dramas, the crimes were rarely solved in one Hill Street Blues episode .

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