King Kong ( 1933 ) The Original King Kong movie has its world premiere in New York

2nd March ( 1969 ) : The supersonic airliner an British and French joint project, Concorde, has it's maiden flight reaching 10,000ft and 300mph . It would be 7 years before Concorde started commercial flights on 21 January 1976 and flew commercial Trans-Atlantic flights until 23 October 2003 when it was retired from service

Operation Rolling Thunder 2nd March ( 1965 ) Operation Rolling Thunder begins with more than 100 United States Air Force jet bombers striking an ammunition depot at Xom Bang, 10 miles inside North Vietnam.

The Lucky Lady II 2nd March ( 1949 ) The First nonstop world flight is made by a B-50 Super fortress "The Lucky Lady II " led by Captain James Gallagher.

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