Mercedes 300SL Coupe ( 1954 ) Mercedes introduced the 300SL coupe, the car is far advanced of anything else with its gull-wing doors a six-cylinder engine and a top speed of 155mph. Only 1,400 300SL coupes are ever produced but many consider it to be the most impressive sports car of the decade.

Manchester United Football Club Disaster
6th February ( 1958 ) : A British European Airways flight crashes just after takeoff from Munich Airport. Eight players from the Manchester United soccer team together with 15 others died in the crash. The Team manager Matt Busby and striker Bobby Charlton are being treated in hospital.

Channel Tunnel
6th February ( 1964 ) : The British and French Governments announce commitment to build a tunnel under the English Channel. In 1984 Euro tunnel was selected to build the tunnel and The Channel Tunnel is finally opened in 1994. When completed The Channel Tunnel consists of three tunnels and is the longest undersea tunnel in the world, measuring 31 miles in total, with 24 miles under the sea.

Alan Shepard Golf Ball Moon 6th February ( 1971 ) Alan Shepard became the first man to hit a golf ball on the Moon, using a ball and golf club head he had smuggled on board inside his space suit.

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