Fidel Castro ( 2008 ) Fidel Castro the Cuban revolutionary who had ruled Cuba for nearly 50 years retires as the President of Cuba after nearly fifty years, his retirement was forced due to illness and the Cuban National Assembly elects Raúl Castro to succeed him as the President of Cuba

Salman Rushdie
24th February ( 1989 ) : Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issues a fatwa (religious edict) and offers a USD $3 million bounty for the death of author Salman Rushdie who had written The Satanic Verses. The Satanic Verses caused major controversy around the world In Muslim communities due to what many Muslims believed were blasphemous references to their religion

Charles and Diana
24th February ( 1981 ) : The Prince of Wales announced his engagement to Lady Diana Spencer ending months of speculation by the tabloid press.

Unidentified Flying Objects 24th February ( 1942 ) Los Angeles sightings beginning on this day called by the contemporary press "Battle of Los Angeles", a Plane / Blimp / Weather Balloon / UFO is fired on with a massive anti-aircraft artillery barrage but is not hit, Air raid sirens were sounded throughout Los Angeles County at 2:25 a.m. and a total blackout was ordered. Why was the ?? never hit or if it was hit why not damaged , this is a radio news report of the incident and makes very interesting listening.

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