Boy Scouts of America ( 1910 ) The Boy Scouts of America, which is modeled after the Boy Scouts of England, was incorporated 1910

French Riots
8th February ( 1962 ) : The State of Emergency currently in force in Paris did not stop a demonstration in Paris by 20,000 protesters against the recent wave of bomb attacks in the French capital which was organised by France's main communist-led union. The Riot led to the deaths of 8 due to being trampled underfoot in the chaos .

Shergar Stolen
8th February ( 1983 ) : Shergar is stolen from a stud farm owned by the Aga Khan in County Kildare, Ireland. The five-year-old thoroughbred stallion was worth $13.5 million and commanded stud fees of approximately $100,000. Shergar was never seen again and no ransom was paid and the case was never solved.

1978 New England Storm 8th February ( 1978 ) A severe blizzard in New England finally ends and the region begins to dig out from under several feet of snow. Some areas received as many as 55 inches of snow in just 3 days.

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