John F. Kennedy ( 1961 ) John F. Kennedy, the nation’s youngest president (at this time), took the oath of office today. He was sworn in by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Vice-President Lyndon Johnson (who became president after JFK was assassinated), was sworn in on the same day as JFK. As part of the inauguration celebration on this day, Robert Frost himself recited from memory one of his own poem entitled “The Gift Outright”. He was originally going to read a poem that he wrote especially for this day called “Dedication”, but he could not read the ink from the page he was viewing.

Hostages Released
20th January ( 1981 ) : Iran released 52 weary American hostages, who were held for 444 days

Terry Waite
20th January ( 1987 ) : Terry Waite a special envoy of the archbishop of Canterbury disappeared while attempting to win freedom for Western hostages held in Lebanon. He was kidnapped by Shiite Muslims and released 4 years later.

China Monitors Internet Usage 20th January ( 1999 ) The Chinese News Service announces more restrictions including control of news and information on Internet often referred to the "Great Firewall of China" which blacklists thousands of web sites use in China ( Home to about 1/5th of the worlds population ).

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